Thursday, October 11, 2007

Mom's trip to China

Pics from my recent travels with my mom: the trip was FANTASTIC, and a much-needed reminder to take more frequent breaks from the city! We went down to my former home in Hunan Province to visit my old student and teacher friends, and spent a few days in beautiful Zhangjiajie national park before ending the trip in style with a couple of days in Shanghai.



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Anonymous said...

Didn't we have fun, Shandy?! Loved your schools, last year's and this! Love your apartment, and the neighbors. Most of all, I was astonished by your ability to get us all around the country using your Mandarin + adapting to local dialects! Your Dad and Aunty are packing now, they can hardly wait to come see you!
More soon, Much love, Mom

Julie M said...

Hey Chica, I'm so glad your mom got to visit - what fun!! I love your pics. So colorful...I think of all the places that I've visited/lived the visual stimuli of Asia cannot be rivaled. My plan: 3 more weeks in the city, 3 weeks in Patagonia (yeee-haw!!), 2 weeks in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil (double yeeee-haw!!!) then back to Pittsburgh at the very end of the year. Roy's in full-steam-ahead research mode and I'm in full-steam-ahead massage, lazy mornings, walks in the park mode (ha, well sort of...more in an email :)). Much love to you my dearest. I hope you're enjoying the big city, school, and everything else you have going on. I miss you, girl. xoxo Julie

Kiki Forsythe said...

Hi Shannon how is teaching/learning at the normal school going? and fall ending will winter be chilly? I'm going to see your Mom in NC this Friday to check on our Mama who isnt doing too well. Also we will see her new house in the NC mountains. Miss you stay well and have fun love Aunt Kiki