Monday, January 7, 2008

baba and gugu come to nanjing

Here are some pics from a recent visit from my dad (baba) and aunt (gugu). I LOVE it when people visit, because it's a chance to see the city through fresh eyes. Even though the trip was short and we stuck close to home (Nanjing and Shanghai), I got to experience some parts of these places that I've never seen before.
We went to the tomb of a Ming-dynasty emperor on a mountain in Nanjing. To approach the tomb, you walk up a pathway lined with giant stone animals. The tomb itself has never been excavated, which adds to the mystery of the hillside as you walk through the forest along the ancient wall, knowing that under your feet lie treasures and artifacts untold.
We also visited the newly renovated Nanjing Massacre Musuem, which has been much celebrated in the media--and rightly so. It's an impressive building, and to learn about the history of this horrific event here in Nanjing, where the emotions are still so raw, is really powerful. On our way there, our taxi driver told us about how his grandfather was killed in the massacre, and expressed some views about that island nation to the north which I won't repeat here. (I've learned to pick my battles on that one). On December 13, the anniversary of the massacre, air raid sirens sounded throughout the city--the sound chills you to the bone.
To get some air after the museum, we walked on the Ming-dynasty city wall and took in the winter landscape. Throughout the trip we ate great food and I got to show off my Chinese, which is getting better and better every day!
Happy New Year, everyone. 2008 is off to a great start.




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kiki said...

wah wah I wish this gugu got to go with baba too so babagnoush to you!
really i'm jealous of the great time you had with your dad and Priscilla! loved the winter shots! see u in Hawaii! luv gugu kiki