Sunday, January 13, 2008

Back by popular demand...


Just finished another marathon weekend of recording English tapes and tests at Jiangsu Radio Station. It's a great way to make some money, and every new experience teaches me something new about myself...for example, I now know that I'm incapable of saying the word "balls" into a microphone without laughing, no matter how innocent the context.

So here it is: The Top Five Most Bizarre Things I Had to Say Into a Microphone Today While Keeping a Straight Face:

A: What’s Itchy Feet doing?
B: He is lying on the grass looking up at the blue sky.

A: What’s the matter with you?
B: My pants are old.

A: Hobo is standing on a chair and Eddie is lying under the chair.
B: That Hobo is too dirty!

A: What’s nineteen minus seven, Little Monkey?
B: Twelve, Lovely Panda.

A: Why is Eddie wearing a helmet?
B: Because he is now on Mars.
A: Is life better on Mars?
B: Yes. We are cared for by robots.
A: What do the houses look like on Mars?
B: They look like huge balls.
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Anonymous said...

Shannon, I love the things you have to say on the radio! Far out! I,too, would have had lots of trouble keeping a straight face, and yet the scripts are happy, always happy! YOu look very cute, wish you could also be on the telly...
LOve, Mom

Julie M said...

hi girl. that's a really funny dialog...who could keep from laughing!?! i'm cracking up right my menlo park apartment. man, i wish you were here to crack up with me! this area is not so much fun w/o the crew. keep laughing over there as much as possible and i'll try to do the same over here...hope to see you soon...somehow! love, jules

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